Are you sitting on the fence?

I spoke on a business panel recently where an attendee shared this with me: “Shanna, I know my expertise, but I feel I don’t have enough business knowledge to be able to get off the fence!”

Today I want to ask you a question – Are you still sitting on the fence for one reason or the next?

When you look back at your life, are you at the same place today, you were a year ago, 2 years ago or even 5 years ago – even though you planned on doing a few different things.

You were all motivated, inspired and empowered to do something different, to change things, to get the help you needed – to commit and launch or grow your business and then….you fell back into the old comfort zone – because that’s what you know and it seem so much easier and safer at the time. How do I know this – because I’ve been there!!

It wasn’t until I made the decision & committed to a better life and a greater me, followed by consistent action – even on the days I felt like giving up, even when everything seem to be falling apart, even when I was afraid and even when I didn’t have all the tools!

There will come a time when all you’ll be able to do is look back and think ‘I should-a’ – ‘I could-a’ – ‘what if!’ Instead of waiting for that day to come, let me remind you that it’s not too late to GET OFF THE FENCE and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN for YOU!!

I’ve met so many great entrepreneurs and the ones who achieve results are the ones who get off the fence and get into action.

I invite you to take the first step in getting off the fence today by joining me at my upcoming Build a Bridge Business BootCamp happening in Toronto on Saturday July 13th.

‘Build a Bridge’ is exactly what I’ll show you how to do – to take you from ordinary to the extraordinary thriving entrepreneur you are.

This BootCamp is not just about learning – it’s about GROWING! I’ll help you get there…by providing the tools you need to LAUNCH & GROW a profitable business!

Let’s get you the RESULTS you so desperately need in your business.

Sitting on the fence won’t get you the results you need – it’s time to get down to REAL BUSINESS…

Bring your business idea & we’ll bring the rest! Let’s MONETIZE & GROW your business…

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To Your Success!


This Month’s Power Quote:

“The road to success is always under construction!” ~Unknown

As always – I would love to see you @The Top, because the bottom is way too crowded!!