Success Journal for the Empowered – Daring Steps to Your Next Level…

I dare you to take the steps to your next level…

Some people are not ready to go to their next level. Not you though! You’re inspired & empowered, ready to take the next step and hone your success and move towards your next level.

Now that you’re ready to go, you’re looking for the right tool to help you get there, and Shanna McFarlane helps you make it happen.  Based on her remarkable life of past adversities to present success, she draws on her life experiences and simplifies the process and the steps that have helped her and so many renowned names – ones that will also help you move to your next level.

Success Journal for the Empowered is designed to:

  • Keep you ACCOUNTABLE to your goals
  • Measure your PROGRESS
  • Keep you more ORGANIZED
  • Plan your SUCCESS
  • Help you to be more CONSISTENT
  • STREAMLINE your road-map
  • Boost your CONFIDENCE
  • JOURNAL your ideas

And take you to your NEXT level.  If you don’t START, you’ll never get going!

“Shanna not only inspires you through her story – but her brilliance as a business expert empowers you. She has a natural gift of simplifying the steps so you can achieve top results in a short time!” ~M. D’Souza, Creative Designer at Wipix Inc.

Shanna McFarlane is an internationally sought-after Speaker, Author, and leading Business Expert and Entrepreneur. Often referred to in the media as the “Homeless to Millionaire Powerhouse”, Shanna went from a life of many challenges and adversities including being homeless at the tender age of 16; against the odds she changed the outcome of her life by changing the script chapter by chapter – going on to build a multi-million dollar real estate business and founding several other successful businesses, one of which she started from the trunk of her car!

Today her life has served as one of influence, one that inspires hope, empowers success & transforms lives.

Leverage Fear and Achieve SUCCESS

6 Powerful Steps in Using Fear to your Advantage

“Powerful—A must-read for everyone paralyzed by fear, Shanna shows you exactly how to use it to your advantage in your personal and professional life!” 

-Karen Hinds, Marketer and CEO of Solutionsmixed

Everyone struggles with fear, but not everyone understands that it can actually be a good thing. When you use your fear the right way, it can help you achieve success.

Shanna McFarlane, who went from being homeless at age sixteen to creating a real estate empire worth millions of dollars in less than eighteen months, helps you walk away knowing how to identify the two major types of fear; use fear to empower yourself; develop the mindset you need to succeed; evaluate input from others.

McFarlane draws on her own experiences to offer you powerful and practical steps to accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible. In each chapter, she includes practical calls to action and strategies you can apply to overcome your fears and take action.

Stop letting your fear control you, and start using it to your advantage. Identify your purpose, build wealth, and achieve goals you never thought possible as you Leverage Fear and Achieve Success.