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“From Poverty to Profits!”

Meet Shanna McFarlane — Also known as the Power-house Entrepreneur who went from “Homeless on the Streets to Owning the Street!” She is a recognized leader and the new voice for personal and entrepreneurial success!

Shanna is an author, very successful real estate investor, strategic entrepreneur mentor/consultant and a true Renaissance woman.

She is a vigorous well-sought after expertise in the areas of start-up entrepreneurship, business & real estate investing. Her rags to riches story and life of many adversities will amaze, inspire & empower you; this wife and mother went from being ‘Homeless on the Streets to owning the Street’ in her own right, creating an empire in the business of real estate entrepreneurship.

“We would love to see you at the top,
the bottom is way too crowded!

-Shanna McFarlane

Shanna has an extraordinary story and a remarkable ability to touch people’s heart. She is a master at influencing & empowering, building successful businesses, creating wealth and teaches others how to create Multiple Revenue Streams through her simplified version of business start-up & entrepreneurship thus allowing you to live the life you truly deserve!

She has founded several successful & profitable businesses, some of which she started from the trunk of her car. In just under 18 months, she grew her real estate portfolio to a multi-million dollar real estate business. She has been featured as an expert on a number of real estate programs as well as in a number of magazines including the Canadian Real Estate Investment Magazine.

This successful businesswoman gives back to her community, she does so by educating through her workshops, seminars, bootcamp, consulting, products and mentorship programs. These have impacted, empowered & improved the lives of many around the globe and are designed to take you, your vision & your passion to the next level in achieving your success!

Transforming her ‘Mess’ into life-changing ‘Message’ while leaving a Legacy….

Over the last few years Shanna was blessed to be:

  • Awarded the Top Female Executive of the Year for 2013 by NAPW
  • Nominated for the ’2012 & 2013 RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award’
  • Dubbed as one of ‘Canada’s leading women to watch for in business’
  • Voted as one of ‘Canada’s most powerful women in real estate investing’
  • Dubbed as ‘Homeless to Millionaire’ by the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine

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We would love to see you at the top, the bottom is way too crowded!

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