In honor of launching my newest Success Journal, I’d like to share a powerful experience and some of the hidden lessons with you.

Almost 10 years ago, I had this idea to create a Journal, I loved to write – I’d spent a lot of time writing Poetry, Quotes, Songs etc.  I wanted to get my quotes out into the world to inspire, but in the form of a Journal with a calendar segment.

My business partner and I brainstormed on how we could launch this; we were both very passionate about changing lives even back then. After weeks of research and countless nights writing new quotes, we finally made some progress finding someone who would design and print the Journal for us.

As you can imagine, we were excited as we scheduled a meeting.  I remember strapping all three kids in the car (both mine and hers), they were accustomed to this by now – it’s the time when we went from mom to boss – As we excitedly went to meet this person who could bring our dream to life.

That Saturday afternoon at a local Tim Horton’s for tea and hot chocolate, with the kids in one corner enjoying their sugary treats was the start of a dream we hope to fulfill, to inspire, to empower and change lives.  We negotiated the prices and we sealed the deal that afternoon. The journey home that evening was a different one – what was once a dream was about to become a reality for us and we were on cloud nine to say the least! We had done it!! At least that’s what we thought…

Over the course of the next few days, we transferred funds and the files to get the job started – we were on a roll!   A few weeks into the project, we sensed trouble….. Deadlines were being missed and there was no upfront communication about the delays. There was lots of follow-up and very little acknowledgment, or little response until…. No response! Needless to say, months had pasts; we canceled the project and got the police involved to get our money back. This individual we had chosen to do business with was a fraud – he had taken our money and had no intention of delivering on the job. We had a lot of explaining to do – especially to our spouses!! Which reminds me, I don’t think I ever really explained what happened officially (you do know how to keep a secret, right!)

Today, almost 10 years later, the dream is now a reality as the Success Journal for the Empowered is born and it’s better than ever!

I share this today with you for a number of reasons I hope it will resonate and help you get to your next level. I’ve learned so many things from that one experience; here are three of the key tips for you:

  1. TIMING – Things do not always happen when we would like them to happen, however it doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good idea or a good plan. It just means that is NOT the right time for it to happen. Sometimes you need more experience to carry the weight of the project or the idea before you can execute it successfully. Sometimes, there maybe an easier way or a BETTER way that you don’t necessarily see at that moment. This was the case for me with the Journal, I was insistent that we make it as a calendar journal – if I had accomplished that – today that journal would have been outdated, however this version is evergreen, the only dates are the ones you add.
  2. TENACITY – Imagine if everything always happens when and how we want them to, we would never learn to exercise our patience and persistence muscles. We would fall to pieces if it were to go out of the norm at a given time. While it’s great to have things go according to the way we planned – it’s even greater to know that if it doesn’t you are wise enough to figure out solutions to the problems in front of you and strong enough to endure the journey, and not give up on your dreams or aspirations. Even though the Journal had to be placed on hold and I was frustrated with the situation, every now and again I would look at the quotes I had written and I’d become inspired to look for a way to have it published.
  3. HIDDEN LESSONS – Sometimes we miss this one because we’re so upset at what happened and what didn’t happen to the point that we miss the lessons from the experience. It’s important after something disappointing happens to regroup as soon as possible and figure out what was learned from the situation.

This can be painful to do, especially right after; however this is where you’ll learn lesson that you can GROW from. I learned so many lessons from this minor setback, lessons I continue to apply even today. I learned what not to do in a business transaction and how to start from the beginning –Even when you’re uncertain of the steps you’re taking. I invite you to look at all your setbacks, (at least that’s what they appear to be at the time), and examine them closely to find the diamond in the rough or needle in the haystack! They’re there – you just need to look closely…

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