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Finally – Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Industry Professionals and Solopreneurs….

More and more small businesses and entrepreneurs are stuck just about right where they started and more often than not, it’s not for a lack of trying or for a lack of information.

It comes down to a lack of direction on what and how to put in place all that is needed to succeed including how to maximize revenue in your existing business.

Dowload My Road-Map to Success!

Creating Wealth one Home at a time/ Homeless on the Streets to owning the Street!

It’s Time to Maximize your Revenue for More Cash-Flow and faster Profitable Growth!

The world has changed and the ways of doing business are a lot different and require more than just an expertise, products, services or putting up shop around a corner.

There is no better time than the present to improve this in your business and life by maximizing your REVENUE to create more CASH-FLOW and faster PROFITABLE GROWTH! Not just growth but profitable growth without investing more time and energy in your business.

It’s quite simple – you bring your expertise and we bring ours! A simple, quick and effective model that gets you results!

FINALLY, a business training and consulting firm – the first and only firm of it’s kind to focus on maximizing your revenue so you can refocus on your life!!

Remember, we’re not just about information – we are about getting you in the right direction!


Awarded the Top Female Executive of the Year for 2013 by NAPW Nominated for the ’2012 & 2013 RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award Dubbed as one of ‘Canada’s leading women to watch for in business Voted as one of ‘Canada’s most powerful women in real estate investing


Shanna is one of North America’s leading female entrepreneurs and one of Canada’s most powerful women in the business. She is an internationally sought-after speaker who is well-respected and known for not only inspiring audiences, but empowering them with tools and resources that audience members can implement when they leave so that they also can achieve top RESULTS.


Shanna McFarlane has a passion for helping people and offers a one-on-one and group coaching programs to help you take your business to the next level.  

We focus on enhancing, re-engineering and expanding on what you already know and like to do in your existing business.


Shanna offers many different training programs; Build a Bridge Business Bootcamp (BBBB), Instant Impact Business Workshop (IIBW), & Master Class Coaching Club.

Get started on your entrepreneurial journey with Shanna today and experience the results you desire in record time.

Learn From a Recognized Leader in Achieving Personal & Entrepreneurial Success!

Meet our Founder and CEO, Shanna McFarlane — the voice for personal and entrepreneurial success. Since starting her first business at the early age of 9, where she saw a problem and created the solution by becoming the elementary ‘class convenience store.’

She went on to start several enterprises including a multi-million dollar real estate investing empire and works tirelessly to show you the simple, yet powerful ways on how to maximize your revenue and earning potential to successful build and sustain a profitable business!

Even though this is her life today, it’s important to know this is nowhere close to where she started. Shanna went from a life of many challenges and adversities including being homeless at the age of 16.

She fought hard to change the chapter of her life and the outcome many had predicted & went on to create a Multi-Million dollar real estate business in less than 18 Months. She is also the founder of several profitable and successful businesses, one of which she built from the trunk of her car.

Her life has influenced and inspired hope, and empowered hundreds of men and women around the globe to become more confident in their abilities to become & thrive as entrepreneurs – which enables them to become self-sufficient and reach new heights of success in their lives.

So if you’re a newer entrepreneur, small business owner, solopreneur or an industry professional – you’re an expert in your field but you feel frustrated at times because you feel stuck, you don’t have enough time, you’re not making the income you know your business can produce and you don’t know where to start – but you know there are ways to make your business thrive, you just need the next steps to get you on your way.

If you’ve had enough and are committed & ready to hone your success, you’re in for a real treat as you learn strategies from the woman who not too long ago was right where you are today – who has the experience and a natural knack for entrepreneurship – She is now known as the lady who went from being “Homeless to Millionaire!” and “From Bags to Bucks!”

Shanna’s super-simple, yet powerful and practical approach along with her proven strategies will help you re-focus only on the strategies that will maximize your revenue! So that you will be able to help more people with your expertise, make more money, gain more free time, and have the freedom you desire.

Keep in mind – Revenue leads to Cash-Flow, Cash-Flow leads to Profitable Growth which leads to Success!!

Book your training or consultation with us today… We look forward in seeing you on the inside!

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We would love to see you at the top, the bottom is way too crowded!

To Your Success!

Were about

more than information-


"If you know the combination to lock...

it doesn't matter who you are...

it has to open for you!"

-Author Unknown


“She genuinely cares for clients and provides the support & resources, and she is committed to seeing her clients succeed. By far, she is the most valuable mentor I’ve invested in and I look forward in working with her for many years to come.”

– A. Motowsky

“After an impactful conversation with Shanna, I was blown away – I came away with a renewed excitement and confidence about the possibilities in real estate investing. The information she provided was priceless!”

– N. Reid

“I learned so much, the approach was straight forward and in-depth. You have created a clear path to my confusion and uncertainties. I am much more aware, in control and more knowledgeable of what I should focus on and what my approach should be. You’re a power-house of refreshing knowledge and superb approach.”

– M. Walker, Milton, Ontario